It is necessary to LOOK at what surrounds us to make it special


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My name is medieval, it means lance force. It's an unusual name that, until adulthood, I didn't realize fit like a glove. Since I was very young, a very particular energy launches me over and over again to develop my imagination and to transmit sensations through the art and the spaces that I project.

I am an interior designer although I prefer not to fall into clichés and go a little further. After 20 years working as a decorator I have been refining this concept to to come to the conclusion that, although the paths are many, in the end contact with people, their tastes, their needs and concerns are the true essence of the project. I try to translate for they their own sensations in spaces where they truly feel as if they have out of themselves.

The much acclaimed and persecuted welfare state, far from being a trend, is nothing but an attempt BEING WELL and that starts by feeling and seeing ourselves favored in our way of being by the environment thatis all around us. The influence that the spaces around us exert on our emotions is such that we must necessarily act on them in order for them to act on us. Personalization is not a fad either; it is rather common sense. It is impossible to make a project line that fits everyone, nor two environments that evoke the same sensations to those who contemplate them. But we don't give ourselves time to perceive anything, we always go at too much speed.

Art also calls me, it's another way of communicating emotions. Always wrapped in forms and colours I find in drawing and painting an excellent way to talk about aesthetics. I let myself I take the sensations I collect from people or art and everything comes naturally.I learned to live with high sensitivity. The art world captured me from childhood and has taken me by the hand until today.I want to share this capacity through my work and my artistic creation, contributing my particular idea that "we need to look at our surroundings to make it special".

Although I am always learning, I have had a long aesthetic training. I have a degree in Art History and a diploma in interior design. For tw0 decades I have been educating my sight and promoting mental visualization, projecting spaces and creating plastic art for real spaces. I perceive at a very sensitive level shapes and colours and the energy of spaces and people. This innate capacity executed in a constant way has discovered a new way to improve my work and give it a much higher sense. I have always been creative, I have always needed to use lines and colour to express myself, I have received free artistic training. I'm very curious about any discipline and that has led me to try different techniques. This vocation is the best gift and I feel it gives a clear meaning to my life.

As an interior designer and creative I like to think that by defining spaces I can awaken people's sensibility and bring them closer to the positive and healthy emotions produced by beauty in balance.

From: Malaga, España
Telophone : +34 629 76 66 61
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For a balanced result, it is necessary to see it from the inside and seek to promote feelings of well-being through a personalized aesthetic reality.

A sign of identity

My Creative Process

looking at

My projects start from a state of openness without aesthetic conditioning or references to fashions or trends. Interior design and artistic creation start from an initial impulse, an absolutely random pattern that becomes the axis of all creative development.

Creating a new and personal aesthetic reality arises from the confidence of more than 20 years of experience creating spaces with soul.

looking at

Looking inside becomes an obligatory exercise of communion with space. I connect people with the places they inhabit. The sensory capacity that I have been working with over time allows me to capture personalities and spatial characteristics with great precision to tackle projects of any kind.

Insight does not cease to be a meditation one, a sensitive reflection within the real possibilities of technical modification.

looking at

What at first sight may seem something illogical, unsightly or simply ordinary can give rise to surprise, encounter, magic or the sublime.

It may only serve one purpose but trusting in intuition without questioning anything opens the door to unexpectedly successful results.

el desenlace

Jumping from the mind to the real space gives continuity to the creative process, it is time to solve in an equally ingenious way the technical aspects that give body to the idea. The precision and the tireless search of the accuracy of tonalities, and the mathematical adjustment of the invented pieces maintain the emotion of the work.

Finally when everything seems to have been there all along, the projected space or the finished design comes to life.

It's certainly the most special moment.

I work from the logic, strange at times, of sensory perception. You just have to look at it differently, and in one click everything fits.

My Work

My interior design works


I like the word "interiorism" because for me it has two meanings that connect very well. Interior designer is the person who carries out a design project in an interior space, either public or private.

However, I think that for the result to be balanced it is necessary to see it from the inside and seek to promote feelings of well-being through a personalized aesthetic reality. In this sense, it is a question of investigating one's own interior: the interior of the people who are looking for new spaces and the interior of the spaces themselves because they also communicate.

I have carried out all kinds of projects throughout my career. It is a work in which every day I find more ways to generate aesthetic harmony. I leave you some pictures of works that translate my words.


My Art work


Art has the power to transform the senses.

I usually accompany all my projects with some plastic work that puts the final touch. Those of us who are restless minded and have a devotion to beautiful things need to express ourselves independently of seeing it as a job; it is a passion that comes out without asking permission. When I paint a picture, make a collage or a drawing on paper, everything makes sense. It is for someone, for some specific place, it has a function ... an emotional mission that connects with the one who perceives it.

I leave you with some photos that have served to transmit sensations.

It will be interesting to connect at the level you need. My concern is to develop new projects

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Creative magic is the result of experiences, knowledge, stimuli, sensations, efforts, connections and thoughts... And that has a value.


The personalization of my work also implies a specific evaluation for each one of them. There is not a homogeneous rate since each project is different and each one requires a very variable dedication.

Through an e-mail I will know your needs and make some suggestions to choose the work option that best fits the idea you want to develop, I will make an assessment and establish a concrete form of payment.